Damian and Vicky Parker started The English Pork Pie Company in 2008, knowing that the British expatriate community residing in the United States deserved an authentic pie that rose above the lackluster market attempts at British fare that predominated. 

Both Damian and Vicky are extremely passionate and patriotic when it comes to British cuisine and wanted to alter the American perception of English food. Stateside, British cuisine has a less than stellar reputation, being labeled as bland, boring and uninspired. The English Pork Pie Company strives to change these negative stereotypes one baked pastry at a time. 

It all started when Vicky first moved to America with her parents in 2000, but eventually went back to the UK to attend University where she met Damian. They both studied Accounting and Law while Damian’s free time was consumed by gamekeeping as he often went out on grouse shoots and deer stalking expeditions. This is what first introduced him to the world of butchery.

A family friend and skilled butcher took Damian under his wing in West Yorkshire and began to teach him the craft of artful pie making. The butcher also taught Damian the ins and outs of curing meat while sharing age old family recipes with him.

Upon graduating from University, Vicky went off to work at the main office of Morrisons Supermarket while Damian worked at Marshall’s as an accountant. The two were married in 2007, and decided that it was time for a change. So the newlyweds shipped off to the US with aspirations of founding a company that would bring delicious, authentic British food to the mouths of their fellow Expats and the American masses. But they did not depart England before scouring the country for every type, varietal and style of meat pie they could find. Needless to say, they did an extensive amount of research, which is why the menu at The English Pork Pie Company features the widest selection of traditional pork pies, cured meats and baked goods.

Company Story

Damian and Vicky come from humble beginnings and have built The English Pork Pie Company into an internationally recognized brand as evidenced by their winning of the Best of British Shop in America award and the Best of British Shop in the World award in 2010.

They didn’t simply get lucky or stumble upon success however; they worked tirelessly. It all began in a tiny converted kitchen in a garage in Vermont. By saving every penny and reinvesting it into The EPPC, they steadily grew their business and were eventually able to purchase more and better equipment, which expanded their range and quality of products. They outgrew their quaint Vermont kitchen and relocated to an upstate New York bakery but quickly outgrew that space as well, which forced them into their first factory.

With business refusing to slow down, Vicky and Damian were forced to move again, this time into their very first plant, and current location, in Buffalo, New York. With a full scale factory, plenty of space and state-of-the-art equipment, they were finally able to supply the overwhelming demand for British pork pies in America. Their current factory also allows them space to work on producing new products like savoury and dessert pies.

The English Pork Pie Company goods can now be found all across the US in places like British speciality shops, tea rooms, restaurants and pubs as well as select supermarkets and delis. The EPPC has garnered so much attention and praise that they now supply some of Britain’s biggest celebrities with authentic pork pies, sausages and bacon as even Hollywood and pop superstars tend to get a little homesick. 

So thanks for reading our story. The English Pork Pie Company will continue to fuel the entire British Expat community here in America with authentic, golden brown pork pies for years to come. We thank you for your continued support. Cheers!

Why choose us?

Here at The English Pork Pie Company we are dedicated in providing you with global award winning products. We are a British owned and operated, state of the art USDA facility. We are very passionate about what we do and are proud to stand by our commitment in guaranteeing authentic quality products. Proud winners of 5 prestigious international awards, “Best British Shop in the World” for 2010 and ‘12, and “Best British Shop in America” for 2010, ‘11 and ‘12, which has pushed us towards becoming the British go to shop in America for both the general public and celebrities nationwide. We have supplied, Disney, Busch Gardens, Gordon Ramsey and UK Embassies and Consulates across the US.

We deliver what we preach; the finest range of mouth-watering products this side of the Atlantic. We are obsessed with getting every detail right, from using quality suppliers to genuine ingredients imported from the UK to guarantee authenticity. We provide fast and reliable shipping to all US states and Canada, We are extremely food safety cautious and have done a great deal of research into our shipping methods and have begun using new technology coolers and refrigerants to ensure your food arrives in a safe and wholesome manner.

Keeping with the authenticity of the brand is our British Call Center. Located here in Buffalo, NY you can call us directly and speak to our British customer service representatives who pride themselves on developing a relationship with every customer by answering all questions or concerns in a timely manner, taking phone orders and confirming delivery status. Just looking for a little British chit chat? Give us a call and we will happily banter with you.

We accept feedback on every level and strive to develop and improve as a brand. If you have been longing for the taste of the British Isles or intrigued by what our menu has to offer, order from us today and you will not be disappointed.